August 10th, 8-9pm: Seks, Tuqs & Raq ‘n’ Roll! Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of Seks, Tuqs & Raq ‘n’ Roll! These two classes will go into exercises of the various tek tones and pops with alternating hands, double strokes, and split hand technique and how they can be used for adding ornamentation to your rhythms and to your drum solos for accompanying belly dancers!
The first class will be an introduction to the Tek Variations for both the darbuka (doumbek) and riq:
Tek, Ka, Sek, and Tuq, and then playing those tones alternating hands, doing doubles, and introducing split hand technique.
These classes are designed for drummers, however belly dancers are welcome to attend in order to understand the terminology and to be able to convey to your drummer sounds and ornamentations you would like played for your drum and dance solo!

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