Sound Healing

For nearly two decades, Adam Riviere has independently studied the effects of sound to the human body, mind and spirit, using the didgeridoo as the sound healing instrument to perform Didgeridoo Chakra Meditations.

What Is a Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation?

Adam Riviere uses seven chakra tuned didgeridoos to cleanse and open the chakras. The instrument is pointed at your chakra and the sound waves from the didgeridoo project a “no touch massage” providing mind, body and spirit healing. After receiving this form of sound healing, you will leave rejuvenated, relaxed and at peace.

Book A Session Today

Appointments are available inside the Himalayan Salt Room at the Irvington Wellness Center. Click here to book.

Salt Room Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation Rate:

  • $60 Private
  • $80 Couple

Adam can also travel to your studio or space. Please call to receive a quote.