About Adam Riviere, Musician & World Percussionist in Indianapolis

Adam Riviere


Adam Riviere holds nearly 40 years of experience in various facets of the music industry, 15 published albums, and numerous collaborations. Adam has studied more than 30 world instruments and their cultures. He currently performs solo, with the Middle Eastern quartet Indy Raqs, as well as with various belly dancers and belly dance troupes all over Indiana, the US, and internationally.


In 2000, Riviere received his Bachelor degree in Music Business from Butler University, where he also played with the Butler University Percussion Ensemble and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. By 2003, he completed a Master degree from the Indiana University of Music in Music Technology.  During his Master’s program, Riviere served as an Assistant Director and Tutor for the IUPUI Percussion Ensemble.

Health & Wellness

Riviere is well-known in the local community, throughout the state and regionally, as well as internationally for participating in mind, body and soul healing practices such as Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing, providing live music for yoga classes, leading drum circles, participating in kirtans and conducting workshops for beginner, intermediate and expert stages of African drumming, Latin/Afro-Cuban drumming, Middle Eastern drumming, didgeridoo and Native American Style Flute.


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Adam provides a variety of services, including performances, sound healing, drum circles, school presentations and more!

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