Welcome to the Dragon: Lunar New Year Celebration!, February 10th, 1pm-6pm

Join Adam Riviere and other healing artists to celebrate the lunar new year, dragon style.

Date & Time:
February 10th, 1-6pm
7771 Spring Mill Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46260

Tickets: Click Here to purchase a ticket

On 2/10/2024, we welcome the year of the Wood Dragon!

The dragon is the only member of the Chinese Zodiac without an earth-bound representative. Thus, the dragon carries the message of magic, mystery, and the ability to go between dimensions, realms, and elements. The power of the dragon lies in fearlessness and the ability to breakthrough anything.

In the year of the dragon anything is possible!

The element of Wood carries the message and essence of Spring and all growing things. Spring is alignment with the timing to grow, bloom, and breakthrough. Embodied Wood is the element supporting our active expression of the creativity of our Spirit.

Together Wood and Dragon bring a powerful, transformative magic!!!

Fire Dragon hostess, Melissa Laborsky MD of the Well of Being, has brewed a celebration for all of your senses!